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bluegreens necklace
bluegreens necklace

online textielfestival Leiden

Marian Sturkenboom necklace rubber
big pearls, silicon mother of pearl necklace, foto Rian Verweijmeren.
Marian Sturkenboom jewellery
perfect flowe rings silver silicone
Marian Sturkenboom jewellery
flower tribute, foto Rian Verweijmeren
Marian Sturkenboom rings
planet rings: leafgold silver silicone
Marian Sturkenboom jewellery necklace rubber
Green bells silicone necklace. productie L'agoB, foto Toof producties.
Marian Sturkenboom Mistletoe necklace
Mistletoe necklace; ecoresin, jade, kwarts, silver
Marian Sturkenboom earrings rubber
Purple longdrop silver earring
Marian Sturkenboom necklaces resin silicon steelwire pearls
Open structures necklaces; a.o. resin, rubber
Marian Sturkenboom jewellry
redcopper/gold rubber necklace
Sarian Sturkenboom jewelllery
"marigold", resin, goldleaf, Dryas Julia butterfly, necklace. foto Hannie Kassenaar.
Marian Sturkenboom earrings
Akelei earrings silicon
Marian Sturkenboom necklace
stones and rubber
pearls, blue rain falling
pearls, blue rain falling